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One Company. All Phases. Fully Integrated.

Summit Homes Construction is a developer/general contractor based in Summit County, Colorado, offering end-to-end services in development planning, pre-construction consulting and general contracting.  Leveraging years of building experience in our high alpine environment along with unparalleled local relationships, we offer our clients and partners a collaborative, value-oriented approach to all phases of development and construction.


Our Services

Development Planning
General Contracting

Over the last two decades, we've generated relationships with a talented group of architects, engineers and planners with a range of disciplines, each of whom offer creative approaches to designing functional and efficient projects. We constantly look for ways to refine our approach and leverage new relationships as we continue adding to our extensive portfolio of construction projects.


We believe in a very collaborative, iterative design process that gets all of the stakeholders involved and gives each an equal voice. Weaving together the expertise of all disciplines and groups is what ultimately ensures us the absolute best result for every project, from a raw piece of land through entitlement, construction and the final sale.


Naturally, our construction backbone is involved throughout the planning process as well, because it’s far more efficient to sort out any construction concerns long before we ever break ground. That’s no doubt why our organization has a long and storied history of delivering high-quality projects–right, on time, and oftentimes even under budget.

In addition to our own in-house development and construction, we have a history of working collaboratively in both Developer and General Contractor roles with various agencies on public projects, and with private developers looking for assistance in creating successful communities.  We always approach every construction project as if it were our own, focusing on efficiency from a Developer’s point of view.  This often starts with a detailed review of initial project and product designs, with an emphasis on value engineering, energy efficiency and environment-appropriate assemblies.


Leveraging our extensive network of subcontractors and suppliers to provide
real-time cost and performance feedback,
we work with our clients and their design teams to develop and maintain accurate
cost estimates and schedules while
analyzing materials, building systems and construction methods.

Summit Homes Construction has forged a strong reputation in the construction industry by focusing on process management while leveraging long-lasting relationships with many of the most skilled and reliable subcontractors in Summit County. Some relationships go back more than 20 years.


Based on the strength of those longstanding alliances, not only do we know those subcontractors will be on the job right when we need them to be, but we also know they will prioritize our projects and provide us with the most competitive rates. In turn, we have become the largest residential multi-family General Contractor in Summit County, supporting both public and private developers with the most efficient construction process available.  We approach each of our general contracting engagements as a partner with the project owner, designers and subcontractors. We are all in it together.

Projects | Current

Projects | Current

Projects | Completed

Projects | Completed

About Us

Our History


Honesty.  Integrity.  Accountability.  Safety first.  No excuses. 

Our goal is to always design and build a quality product at a fair price. We encourage open communication throughout our organization and with our partners and clients, and we foster subcontractor participation in continuously assessing and improving our processes. We require all of our employees and subcontractors to work hard, conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, and always put safety first. In an ever-changing industry, we strive to remain flexible and constantly adapt to our environment, including the tough physical climate that we work in.

In general, we subcontract all facets of our construction projects and focus on Design, Project Management, Construction Supervision and Accounting. We also have 17 years of in-house real estate sales and marketing experience, and HOA formation and management.  In whatever capacity is dictated by various project characteristics, we believe that our all-inclusive experience can be valuable to the success of any project in Summit County. Our fundamental strengths include:


  • Overseeing and contributing to project and product design, focusing on
    constructability, energy efficiency, value engineering and marketability;

  • Navigating approval processes and permitting requirements;

  • Managing project budgeting, accounting, reporting, and scheduling;

  • Overseeing construction, quality control, safety and project close-out;

  • Managing the marketing, sales, delivery and occupancy of finished units;

  • Managing the fulfillment of the 1-year Builder’s Warranty; and

  • Establishing and managing Homeowners Associations.

​We also have dedicated Client Relationship Management staff that interfaces between the Sales Team and Construction Team.  These members of our organization take the hand off following the completion of the sales contracting process and enter each client into our Customer Relationship Management software.  This software enables and facilitates communication with our clients not only throughout the construction process, but it also allows our clients to self-manage warranty items through direct contact with our subcontractors.


As an integrated Developer/Builder with a comprehensive full-time staff, over the past 17 years we have built more than 1,100 residential market and workforce housing units. Many of our projects have included significant infrastructure work and have been sales driven, phased, multi-year, multi-million-dollar projects. We understand the unique environment in which we build and have strong working relationships throughout the community. Our process management, attention to detail and subcontractor relationships allow us to build more efficiently and cost-effectively than any other contractor in Summit County.  Some of our local subcontractors and suppliers have been on our team from the beginning, allowing us to effectively value engineer designs, accurately quote project costs and consistently deliver high-quality products within a fine-tuned construction process.


While Summit County is a great place to live, it is also a high-alpine environment that is often challenging to build in.  We are constantly improving our approach toward energy efficiency and sustainability, leveraging our experience with the Summit County Sustainable Building Code as well as ENERGY STAR, LEED, NAHB Green and NGBS Green certifications. In our Pre-construction efforts, we always seek to provide cost-effective recommendations to achieve increased energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality through climate-appropriate building envelopes and the most effective mechanical systems.


We often consider ourselves “Locals building for locals.”  We take great pride in building homes for members of our Community and giving preference to local subcontractors and suppliers when we can avoid bringing in labor and services from outside the County.  Numerous studies have shown that each dollar spent at independent businesses will return at least three times that amount within the Community through city taxes, employee wages and the purchase of goods and services.  Sometimes project benefits must outweigh local preference, but we try to keep it as minimal as possible as there are substantial dollars being injected into and kept within the community.


Supporting our Community is an integral part of our culture that extends beyond developing and building neighborhoods for locals.  Through community involvement we are always looking for opportunities to contribute both time and resources to many organizations in Summit County including the High Country Conservation Center, the Summit Foundation, High Country Soccer, Habitat for Humanity and the Summit County Builders Association.


We have been the recipient of numerous Summit County Parade of Homes awards over the years, as well as the 2012 Eagle Award. This prestigious Eagle Award celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments and outstanding leadership in housing and support services. The award honors individuals, agencies, projects, and programs that soar to new heights in their work to ensure safe, fair, affordable housing for all Coloradans.

Partners | Affiliates

Partners | Affiliates


We are proud to be affiliated with the following reputable organizations and associations in the industry.

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